Stereo Fuse

Stereo Fuse

For a band whose music reaches the masses with accessible lyrics and ear-catching melodies, the story of their current line-up oddly starts with a legendary offense by the original (and unnamed) vocalist.  Midway through a triumphant showcase performance in Atlanta in 2000, guitarist Jeff Quay paused to tune his guitar while the bassist toweled off and drummer Chad Jenkins quenched his thirst.  The singer took that moment in time to tell a joke so offensive the band had to leave and change its name.

The joke remains unrepeated, but it did result in a singer search, which led to singer-songwriter Colin Hill, who was making his way as an acoustic performer in their hometown of Dallas, Texas.   Hill’s vocal combination of seasoned rocker edginess and unedited emotional release fit perfectly with the well-crafted songs Quay and Jenkins had been seasoning.

But it was actually a cover song that put this trio on the map.   A staple of Hill’s solo act was Material Issue’s “Everything.”  When Quay heard Hill’s rendition, it resonated so strongly, they recorded it immediately.  A radio station in Biloxi was first to champion the song, which went on to become #1 most requested across the Southeast and Midwest.  Hundreds of CDs were sold, and thousands came to see them play.