Dj Keri

Dj Keri

Internationally acclaimed vocal turntabalist DJ Keri makes her Toucan Cove debut with a brand new mix cd. The former Ms. Louisiana with Choctaw Indian, Creole and German roots once again explores the diverse musical genres that form the basis of her truly imaginative repertoire.

Last year Keri explored the globe as she toured places as diverse as Panama City FL, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Calgary, Indonesia, Juarez Mexico, Portugal , Chicago, Seattle, Buffalo, St. Louis, and Baton Rouge. She was also featured inPlayboy’s Spinners pictorial in March 2004 shot by famed photographer Arny Freytag (Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson). The series covered 8 of the sexiest female DJ’s shot at various nightclubs in LA, NY and Miami’s South Beach. She later followed that up with appearances in Maxim Europe, and FHM Asia.

And now SHE’S GOT WAX! Keri’s vocals are heard on every track including the first single, which is a collaboration between Seattle’s DJ Hexx (Liquid Method) entitled “I Can Feel It, Can’t U?”. Check out the Fishy Sounds groove edit below.