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Whistling happily to the Gorgeous Debut from Maronne

Whistling happily to the Gorgeous Debut from Maronne

Introducing Maronne, a new artist from East-Bavaria, Germany. When she is not studying Media Technology, 

22-year-old Maronne is singing and making music. And what a debut. ‘The Only One I Miss’ (produced by ‘Jason’ Jahrstorfer and ‘Zippy’ 

Königseder) premieres today and is a divine introduction to Maronne’s alternative folk style with tight production and a lot of hidden treasures which you will discover the more you listen to it.


Maronne’s vocals have a haunting, raw quality and go perfectly with the style of song. It reminds me of a river winding through beautiful countryside. ‘The Only One I Miss’ is the kind of song that everyone will enjoy and we can see it being used for a TV or film soundtrack. You will be whistling and singing along each time. The remixes are really good too and don’t take anything away from the original track. We have been fortunate to see a sneak peek of the music video for ‘The Only One I Miss’ which will be released soon. The visuals emulate the feel of the track and lyrics, both of which have a narrative running through, rather like that river metaphor. When the music video is released, be certain it will make it into our new music video section on Britznbeatz.  


Listen to Maronne ‘The Only One I Miss’ on:

Spotify, Googleplay, iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.

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March 17th, 2017

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