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Sir Bertie Higgins receives Knighthood

Sir Bertie Higgins receives Knighthood

“Be royal! Be brave! Arise! I now present to you, Sir Bertie Higgins, Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of Culture and Peace.” were the words spoken by royal dignitary Prince Ferdinand of Anhalt, Germany as he tapped the shoulders of Bertie Higgins with a sword and presented to the crowd the newest royal dignitary of the Order. Baron Linjie Chou Xanadu, Grand master of the Imperial Order of Culture and Peace then presented Higgins with the coveted Mozart Music Award from the Academy of Sciences in Hanover, Germany in front of family, friends, and celebrities gathered in the beautiful centuries-old San Fernando Mission Chapel in Mission Hills California on Tuesday, Jan. 24th. The Knighting ceremony then proceeded with Higgins speaking to the crowd conveying his thoughts of the importance of fulfilling his duty as a royal knight and always upholding the highest standards bestowed on him as Knight Grand Cross.

Bertie Higgins has championed and led the way for many successful charitable events around the world for years. Higgins is noted as the ambassador from America that brings a message of hope, love, and peace to countries that long to hear a message of hope.


February 8th, 2017

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